Single Parent

…being strong

Hey folks! I just came off of the BEST WEEKEND EVER. Ky had her first recital and I’ve been in awe of her since. Her little group all went on stage, did their thang, and tears! I'm pretty sure that is UNHEARD of! I just could not stop watching her little videos. And as… Continue reading …being strong

Single Parent

….Reaching a Breaking Point

I have reached my breaking point. I’m convinced these “Terrrrrrrrrrrifible Twos” are turning me grey (no, like seriously...I found a grey strand and named it Larry). I was ok with Ky being terrible at home. I’m not the best person when we’re home anyway. I just want to lay down, watch my shows, drink wine,… Continue reading ….Reaching a Breaking Point


…doing it (mommy/daughter update)

(Excuse the lateness of this post and just roll with it. Ok? Cool!) It's finally Summer! Which means 2.5 things: 1) this school year is O V E R!!! 2) I get to spend more time doing things with Belly! and 2.5) I get a little break from Belly as well! Not that I don't… Continue reading …doing it (mommy/daughter update)