Single Parent

…finding a hobby

Hey folks! Have you ever found yourself dreading this question: "So what do you like to do for fun?" No? Just me? *shrugs* I've had THE most difficult time attempting to answer that question. My answer is always different! Like I legit don't know anymore. I tried to go in my memories and see what… Continue reading …finding a hobby


…doing it (mommy/daughter update)

(Excuse the lateness of this post and just roll with it. Ok? Cool!) It's finally Summer! Which means 2.5 things: 1) this school year is O V E R!!! 2) I get to spend more time doing things with Belly! and 2.5) I get a little break from Belly as well! Not that I don't… Continue reading …doing it (mommy/daughter update)


…letting insecurities go (almost)

Hey folks! Long time. No post! I've been absolutely horrible with this blogging thing. Like I promise I had all the free time in the world - or so I thought - to write...But, Life. I digress. Today I write about concurring my body issues. Or at least a step in that direction. At first,… Continue reading …letting insecurities go (almost)


…taking advice like a boss

Hey folks! I just wanted to take the time to write a loving letter... Let's begin shall we! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ To whom it may concern, I just wanted to write to you about all the advice you so lovingly give... From how to wash my child to what I should buy my child. Yes, I so generously thank you for taking such… Continue reading …taking advice like a boss


…setting goals

Hey folks! Happy New Year! I just wanted to share a few quick "revelations" I had at the end of 2016.   It is NOT weak of me to ask for help: All my life I've been the type to just want to do things on my own and not bother asking others for help… Continue reading …setting goals


…spending time

Hey folks! So here in NC, we have been snowed in for the weekend and the next two days (Yippee! Because my lesson plans weren't done anyway! Ha!) But that also means Ky and I have been inside...ALL....FLIPPIN...DAY. "Why don't you take her out in the snow??" you say? She gave me this look... And… Continue reading …spending time