Single Parent

…finding a hobby

Hey folks! Have you ever found yourself dreading this question: "So what do you like to do for fun?" No? Just me? *shrugs* I've had THE most difficult time attempting to answer that question. My answer is always different! Like I legit don't know anymore. I tried to go in my memories and see what… Continue reading …finding a hobby


…wanting to be free

Lately I've missed my freedom. Not that I had much to be free about.. But just the mere fact that I could have gone wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted...without the responsibilities of a child. Is that wrong? It's not that I miss the party scene - although leaving the house at midnight and not… Continue reading …wanting to be free


…feeling overwhelmed

I don't know how folks...women...single it. But somehow I am, and I'm always amazed when I get through the day without losing it. Well the last couple of days, I have...I've ended the day in full blown tears. Just balling...when the day is over...and I finally have time to breathe...or in this case, cry.… Continue reading …feeling overwhelmed


…having regrets

Hey folks, This time of year always leaves me in such mixed feelings. So this December, my dad would have been 55 years young. He transitioned from this world 7 years ago. So December (and June) have always been months where my depression peaks its little head ever so often and all I want to… Continue reading …having regrets


…dealing with postpartum

Hey folks! The inevitable topic. Postpartum. During my pregnancy, I read books...ok, glanced through books and posts. And I read a little about postpartum. All I could really remember is that sometimes it will happen and other times, not so much. So I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't something to worry about.… Continue reading …dealing with postpartum