Single Parent

…Whose Daddy?!

Hey folks! Long time, No chat-about-my-woes-to-random-strangers... So today I want to dwell a bit on what happened at the carnival. So I was with my special friend... ...we'll discuss later.... And we were out together with Ky and some friends, just playing and riding know, carnival-ly things. Well at one of the games, the… Continue reading …Whose Daddy?!



Hey folks! One of the things I knew would be a difficult thing to do, is date. Not that I was so great at it before, but I just knew it would be harder now that I'm a mom. In my mind, I thought a woman with a child and an "absent father", somehow made… Continue reading  …dating…ish


…having regrets

Hey folks, This time of year always leaves me in such mixed feelings. So this December, my dad would have been 55 years young. He transitioned from this world 7 years ago. So December (and June) have always been months where my depression peaks its little head ever so often and all I want to… Continue reading …having regrets


…being lonely

Hey folks! Loneliness and motherhood. Who would have thunk it? To some degree, I did. I mean I wasn't expecting to be out every weekend while someone else raised my child *no shade* but I can count on one hand how many times I've been out, without my daughter since she's been born...3 times...maybe. And… Continue reading …being lonely