Single Parent

…finding a hobby

Hey folks! Have you ever found yourself dreading this question: "So what do you like to do for fun?" No? Just me? *shrugs* I've had THE most difficult time attempting to answer that question. My answer is always different! Like I legit don't know anymore. I tried to go in my memories and see what… Continue reading …finding a hobby


…letting insecurities go (almost)

Hey folks! Long time. No post! I've been absolutely horrible with this blogging thing. Like I promise I had all the free time in the world - or so I thought - to write...But, Life. I digress. Today I write about concurring my body issues. Or at least a step in that direction. At first,… Continue reading …letting insecurities go (almost)


…making do

Ashley, why won't you ever get Ky a dog? It was a windy Sunday morning and Ky and I had to wake up to head to church. I accidentally signed up to do children's church and now I'm being held hostage...but I digress... And in true "us" form, we were running late. So I put… Continue reading …making do



Hey folks! One of the things I knew would be a difficult thing to do, is date. Not that I was so great at it before, but I just knew it would be harder now that I'm a mom. In my mind, I thought a woman with a child and an "absent father", somehow made… Continue reading  …dating…ish


…saving my pockets

Hey Ashley what are you doing for Ky's birthday? What are you getting her for Christmas? Are you going to visit your family in NY? FL? Are you going to take Ky to Barbados? Guyana? Don't you think Ky needs this or that? Blah Blah Blah. Folks, I don't know how many times I need… Continue reading …saving my pockets


…being lonely

Hey folks! Loneliness and motherhood. Who would have thunk it? To some degree, I did. I mean I wasn't expecting to be out every weekend while someone else raised my child *no shade* but I can count on one hand how many times I've been out, without my daughter since she's been born...3 times...maybe. And… Continue reading …being lonely