Single Parent

…giving yourself a break

Hey folks! So I've had one helluva crazy past couple of weeks. Ky came down with the flu AND pneumonia. When I tell you I was freaking the fuck out... I feel like I haven't slept in 2 weeks, and that might be pretty accurate. It was so scary seeing her so helpless, so sick and… Continue reading …giving yourself a break


…being an advocate for all children

Hey folks! So I had this conversation with a friend of mine that I thought would be great to talk about... As you know I'm a teacher - Pre-K in particular - and I deal with a few things when it comes to Pre-K. Well my first year teaching, there was a student, male, whose… Continue reading …being an advocate for all children


…having regrets

Hey folks, This time of year always leaves me in such mixed feelings. So this December, my dad would have been 55 years young. He transitioned from this world 7 years ago. So December (and June) have always been months where my depression peaks its little head ever so often and all I want to… Continue reading …having regrets


…accepting the village

Hey Folks! One of my big issues has always been accepting help. I know in "…relying on yourself",  I went on and on about not relying on others because in all honesty, people just offer help just to be offering sometimes. And as a single mom, my sporadic situations my not be ideal for everyone's schedule -… Continue reading …accepting the village


…being proud

Hey Folks! It's October! Can you believe it?? I surely can't. Especially since October means something special for Ky and I. WE'RE MOVING! Thank the GOOD Lord above! Ha! We finally found somewhere we can deal with for a year, with two bedrooms! So do you know what that means for this single mama?! Peace.… Continue reading …being proud