Single Parent

…being strong

Hey folks! I just came off of the BEST WEEKEND EVER. Ky had her first recital and I’ve been in awe of her since. Her little group all went on stage, did their thang, and tears! I'm pretty sure that is UNHEARD of! I just could not stop watching her little videos. And as… Continue reading …being strong


…being an advocate for all children

Hey folks! So I had this conversation with a friend of mine that I thought would be great to talk about... As you know I'm a teacher - Pre-K in particular - and I deal with a few things when it comes to Pre-K. Well my first year teaching, there was a student, male, whose… Continue reading …being an advocate for all children


…being afraid

Hey folks! Well it's Inauguration Day and like most people, I'm terrified of what's to come. I mean, in no way am I a political wiz or understand much concerning it. But I do know the difference between right & wrong (most days anyway!) and how others should be treated. This week, I've taught my… Continue reading …being afraid