Single Parent

…mid-year check-in (compliments of auntie Tabitha Brown)

Wish list with pen New Year resolutions aren't really my thing --mainly because I feel like I'll disappointed myself if I didn't accomplish what I said I would do. However, I like to make "wish lists"...yearly "bucket-like" lists if you will...that way I feel like I did something worthwhile for the year [no disappointment attached].… Continue reading …mid-year check-in (compliments of auntie Tabitha Brown)

Single Parent

…soulful cry

I've been banging my head on what to write about next. I'm not feeling creative these days, but thought there's more to my motherhood journey than just my kid.... So enjoy this little thing I wrote instead : ) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Yesterday, I cried. No one passed And I wasn’t hurt. Nothing serious like that I… Continue reading …soulful cry