Single Parent

…Whose Daddy?!

Hey folks! Long time, No chat-about-my-woes-to-random-strangers... So today I want to dwell a bit on what happened at the carnival. So I was with my special friend... ...we'll discuss later.... And we were out together with Ky and some friends, just playing and riding know, carnival-ly things. Well at one of the games, the… Continue reading …Whose Daddy?!

Single Parent


....Your worth/value as a woman did not decrease because you became a single mom. If anything, it has increased... Maaaaaan... This has been ringing in my mind as of late ever since Kim (@singleblackmotherhood) posted it. I always thought that I was "damaged goods" because I am a single mother [ESPECIALLY being a BLACK single… Continue reading …Worth

Single Parent

…mid-year check-in (compliments of auntie Tabitha Brown)

Wish list with pen New Year resolutions aren't really my thing --mainly because I feel like I'll disappointed myself if I didn't accomplish what I said I would do. However, I like to make "wish lists"...yearly "bucket-like" lists if you will...that way I feel like I did something worthwhile for the year [no disappointment attached].… Continue reading …mid-year check-in (compliments of auntie Tabitha Brown)