About Us

Hey folks!

Ash here.

Being A Mom Means…” is just my adventures/trials with being a mom and trying to cope and enjoy everything there is about it. Not meant to be a parenting advice blog or anything. Because let’s face it, everyone has their own ideas of what parenting is. So this is just my lighthearted, honesty about my experiences.

Originally from NY, I moved to NC on an athletic scholarship and stayed when I was offered a job here to teach. Then I got knocked up and life happened pretty fast after that (Ha!).

I’m now a 33 year old, Kindergarten Teacher and Single Mom to a 7 yr old little girl–who I lovingly call Ky.

I’ve always had a love for writing and so I started Being A Mom Means… The name came about when I was writing what motherhood actually means to me. All the joys, the tiredness, the milestones, the worrying; it all meant something different at different points in my journey. And so I started this blog; to share all the beauty and the ugliness that motherhood is.

My hopes is that some will laugh, some will empathize, some will just think I’m crazy, and some will give unwarranted, but welcomed advice…but, ultimately, that most will not feel so alone in this journey.

So please feel free to browse, like, comment, and share. You never know who might need it!

I hope you enjoy!


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