Single Parent

…Whose Daddy?!

Hey folks! Long time, No chat-about-my-woes-to-random-strangers…

So today I want to dwell a bit on what happened at the carnival. So I was with my special friend…

…we’ll discuss later….

And we were out together with Ky and some friends, just playing and riding rides…you know, carnival-ly things. Well at one of the games, the guy referred to my special friend–we’ll just call him “Dude”- as Ky’s dad.


I mean, I knew once I started dating and being out and about with all of us, that it would be a thing; that people who didn’t know us would just assume. I just never thought about how to address it or how I would feel about it.

Good news: Ky didn’t hear it…or if she did, she didn’t react to it.

Bad news: I have all the feels about it.

Dude is a great guy–seriously, he’s been very patient and all the things with Ky and I–but I wonder how something like that could affect a person. Here I am, out here mommying all these years and very much in my own world with Ky. I’ve only had mine and Ky’s feelings to think about–and I’ve pretty much have all those feelings under control. My thoughts were that anybody who decides to deal with me–“us”–would just have to fit in where they can, adjust, and handle their own emotions.

Selfish, I know. But how do I deal with it? Is it even something to deal with?

According to Dude, no.

At a moment where I thought I would panic and give a big loud “NAH!! HE AIN’T THE PAPPY!!”–I corrected the guy and moved on…to overthink for the next three weeks about how to handle this situation next time.


And Dude, he just chuckled it off and said “it’s ok…he doesn’t know us.”

*Sigh* He’s keeping me [somewhat] levelheaded.


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