Single Parent

…Love letter to my 6year old

Dear Ky,

Wow…You’re really 6 today! We’ve been in this thang for 6 years! And what a rollercoaster it has been.

I never knew how exhausting I was, until I had my own Cancer drama queen twin. [HA!]

Aside from our dramatics, you have truly been a blessing to my life. You’re sweet, affectionate, smart, independent, courageous, creative…all the things I hoped to be– even now.

I love that you want to try new things. Dancing. Swimming. Gymnastics. Meeting new people. You take on everything like we should all live this way.

I love to see you dance…ballet, tap, with me, or to be silly **cue the GrubHub commercial** It’s my favorite thing to do together.

I love that you give the sweetest smiles and “hi mommy” every time I pick you up from anywhere.

I love to see when you are focused…in dancing, painting, playing, drawing…seeing you in your zone is a pleasure to watch.

I love that you ask me about my day and tell me all about yours. Even on a not-so-great- day, you still find something to claim in a “great day!”

I love that you check me when I’ve hurt your feelings. And even though you say it’s ok, I am trying to learn better.

I love that you love people and want to help them. The world needs more love like yours.

And I love that you love to kiss me goodnight and tell me that you’ll see me in the morning, every single night…even when you think I’ve fallen asleep on the couch.

All in all, you’re pretty darn special kid and I’m absolutely lucky to be your mom.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. I still absolutely adore you.


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