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….what makes motherhood rewarding?

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and what better way to celebrate than to ask a few of my mommy friends what makes motherhood rewarding to them–that and you don’t have to read my parenting complaint of the week…Ha!


(***s= son, d= daughter***)

Motherhood means the world to me. I never knew that there was an unconditional love that could be returned from someone other than Jesus. Your children will love you even at the lowest times in your life. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your little ones grow as you mold and teach them. 
I love the parent/friendship relationships I have with my children; especially since I grew up without my mother.
As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that being a parent is a learning experience. No one gets it right the 1st time around. It takes a lot of prayer and you need a village to learn from. Each relationship with my children is different. But my love for them stays the same. I’m blessed to have seen them grow and learn to adult on their own.

-Tramine, 23yo(s), 19yo(d), & 13yo(d)

Watching my children win, smash goals, and fall down and get back up again is rewarding to me!

-TP, 15yo(d) & 9yo(s) 

Being a mom is rewarding because it has given me the opportunity to teach and to be taught. To love and to be loved. To give and to receive. Unconditionally. 
Having a son at 19 years old was so scary. I had no idea what I was doing and I dealt with constant anxiety of feeling like I’m screwing up this child’s life. But throughout this journey, there has always been a reminder that lets me know that I’m doing just fine. I’m so proud of the young man my son is growing into. God trusted me to be his mom — there’s no greater reward that could ever be given.

-Sade, 15yo(s)

I remember being younger and always loving on the babies. I loved to baby sit kids and loved being around them. So I just knew that I would want to be a mom when I was older. I will say those experiences being younger did not at all prepare me for the daily adventure I am experiencing. We have good days and we have bad days but I wouldn’t change anything. I truly just love the fact that my child seeks to understand me, as I do her. The reward is the unconditional love regardless of the mistakes we as parents may feel we make! 

-Tjuana, 7yo(d)

I change my mind about a lot in life and I’ve unsure about many decisions I’ve made. ONE thing I’ve always wanted for myself was to be a mom. Now, I have three clones (hahaha!). The best part about being a mom is watching a reflection of me daily. They’ll apply a life lesson I’ve taught them within their day and watching that extension of myself is more than I ever thought being a mom would be. 

-Aisha Waiters, 12yr(s), 4yr(d), & 9mo(d)

To me, motherhood is a rollercoaster of feelings: ups, downs, sideways, upside down, jolts, loops. Some days, it feels like we’ll never get out of that sideways loop. But, what makes the ride even more fun is getting that photo when we get off that ride; the one that got snapped when we were going through the most exciting part of the ride. 
Years ago, when I became a stay at home mom, I spent each and every day wondering when the daily rollercoaster would end. I loved the ride, but boy was it exhausting. After my babies were sleeping, I would go in to pray over them and started praying the same prayer every night; “Thank you, Lord, for this day. Thank you for all the moments: the ones that I’d like to forget, and the ones I’d like to remember ’til my dying day. Amen.”
During the pandemic, being home with my kids, the days have been so long, but have given me opportunities that I never would have had. I have loved getting to know my kids in new ways. Spending time with them, making memories, and watching them grow into being more than just siblings. They have become friends, better friends than I ever would have imagined possible. Capturing moments of the day, those moments that you never want to let go of, those moments are what makes motherhood rewarding.

-Leigh Anna, 10yo(s) & 6yo(d)

For me, it’s really the small breakthroughs and moments that make motherhood rewarding. The times like when you refuse to buy your child a donut because she’s had a ton of sugar that day and instead of throwing a tantrum, she calmly says, “Okay. Yes, I’ve had enough for today.”

-Destiny, 4yo(d)

There are so many reasons why I feel motherhood is rewarding but when I think about the question “What makes motherhood rewarding to me?” I immediately think … LOVE. You can feel loved at different times, by different people, and you may feel it is for different reasons. But…there is NO love like the love you recieve from your little one. Knowing that my Son truly loves me unconditionally, seeing him emotionally and physically healthy, getting random “I love you’s” and “Give me huggy” from him..that is the reward for me. The LOVE. 

-E.C, 7yo(s)

I literally couldn’t imagine my life with my 3 girls. Yes 3 girls! (So pray for me lol!) Nonetheless, motherhood is the most amazing job I ever had. To be able to play a part in the awesome human beings that will be operating in the world is the greatest blessing. I strive to be my best self at all times as I am their first impression of a woman! I come from an amazing mother and if I can mimick at least half of her motherly skills with my 3 daughters I’m off to a great start. Some days are tiring, some days are easy breezy but everyday is a blessing. 

-Ashley H., 3yr(d) 2yr(d), & 8mo(d)

The most rewarding part of being a mom is the special moments of watching my son grow, bond, learn, smile, explore, cry and sharing first experiences. All the little moments we share together make up the most room in my heart.

-D.M., 5yo(s) 

Seeing that beautiful smile on my daughter’s face when she wakes up and sees me, does so much for my spirit. The reward is in her smile. She knows that she is loved and she will always be safe with me. 

-Vivian Page, 9mo(d)

Motherhood is rewarding to me because of the growth it gives me. Motherhood calms you down in a way that surprises you and others . It also riles you up in a way that makes you want to protect nurture those you love. Motherhood makes you learn the different levels of multitasking…all while chasing after you little one. It’s life changing. The best part is that there is no joy like a child’s. It’s so pure and full of excitement! That smile that can light up a dark room and those random things your child does/says that make laugh or look at them like “whaat?!”…all make this journey worthwhile.

-Monique, 5yr(s)

What makes motherhood rewarding to me are the times when I am sad or mad at the world & I want to just crawl in a shell but then my son gives me a hug or my daughter laughs…even a smile from either one is a feeling that’s irreplaceable and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the world!

-Kayla, 5yo(s) & 4mo(d)

Motherhood is rewarding to me because I love watching my daughter become her own person. 

-Kristina, 9yo(d)

What makes motherhood so rewarding to me…
I was a young mother at 18 yrs old who learned to navigate her way around motherhood. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. God blessed me with my daughter. Looking back over the years, we’ve gone threw the journey together of growing pains, achievements, failures and even distance.  Now we have a bond stronger than ever. I see what a phenomenal woman she has become and now soon to be expected mom, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Getting a hug from her now means no less then it did 25 yrs ago; it’s like a special unspoken feeling of gratitude. It’s rewarding to know my daughter respects me, loves me and appreciates the hard work I’ve done to get us where we are today. I would do it all again. I love being a mom.

-Alesia, 25yo(d)

The entire concept of nurturing life inside of your body to later mold and shape the mind of a little human is an unexplainable love! I love how much I love my baby. He’s an AMAZING child and to know that he’s a reflection of me is so fulfilling and highly rewarding. I pray that I’m able to experience it all from the beginning, just once more! All the feels!

-Sheena Zeigler, 9yr(s)

…13 years later, we are a family. I AM a Mama…and I’m legally one, too!  And it happened for me at age 46!! Who would have thunk it? I love him with all of my heart. Even though I missed the first 3 years of his life, I have been able to be the kind of Mama I always wanted to be…the playmate, the disciplinarian, the teacher, the nurturer, the gift giver, the book reader, the chef, the encourager, the tradition-maker, the experience-giver, the tennis mom, the “taxi driver” and so much more…all in partnership with another amazing Mom who has so graciously shared this little boy, now young man with me.  And even when things get hard–and believe me, they do)–I navigate it the best I can with unconditional love for this amazing woman and her son…now, OUR son. 
So, being a mom means everything to me! As someone who thought she’d never have her “own” child, I couldn’t be more grateful for the uneven path that I’ve been on that led me to motherhood. 

(I hated cutting this one short but you can read more of Eva’s story here! It’s worth the read!)

-Eva, 15yo(s)

What makes motherhood rewarding for me is knowing that my daughter and I have a community with these women to look up to, to be apart of our village, and to share experiences with.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!

If no one has told you today…or any day…You’re absolutely killing this Mommying thing!


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