Single Parent

…9 ways I love my Ky

Some days, Ky works my nerves only because 5 year olds have entirely too much energy and I feel like a 80 year old woman who naps all day. But most days, she brings me a lot of joy with her antics.

  1. Hugs and Kisses: Usually this annoys me, but Ky loves to give me hugs randomly. Like I will be cooking and randomly turn around and *POOF* I run into her [because she’s creepy like that]. Right after fussing her out for being a little creeper, she always asks (or steals) a hug before returning back to her room. Just like a random check in to see I’m still around. And if I fall asleep while she’s watches her shows, she gives me kisses on my forehead…just like I do with her.
  2. Conversationalist: I know 5 year olds can talk…but Ky…Ky TALKS. And she holds genuine conversations [with me for the most part]. She usually asks about my day or if we do something together, she asks what my favorite part was or if I liked what we did. And then she’ll tell me about hers [day or favorite thing]. Thinking about it now, it’s actually sweet and thoughtful of her; and to be able to do that at her age.
  3. Imagination: One of my favorite pastimes is listening to Ky play. Her imagination these days are outrageous [and I’m slightly jealous my students aren’t as equally imaginative!]. My favorite scenario was her dolls were in school (and she has A BUNCH of them!). The big dolls went to college in the castle and the small dolls went to “little” school [like she used to] in the condo sized apartment. Like *GASP* how do you even come up with these things, kid?! (Probably from the Descendants…but still, pretty smart!).
  4. Mini-me: If I ever had to doubt that Ky was mine, all I have to do is see her in her most dramatic state. I’m mean I’m dramatic but she’s QUEEN Dramatica! I’ve never seen a kid lay it on so thick like she does. First she asks for something and when she doesn’t get it, she literally makes you feel like you broke her heart. I mean I don’t fall for it because…well…I’m a G…but everyone else! They always crumble! Their hearts can’t take it. And I slightly laugh to myself because this act is going to win us an Oscar one day!
  5. Slowest Moving Kid: I think it’s a known fact that kids are like the slowest moving people in history when it’s time to go somewhere not involving McDonalds, the park, or Chuck E. Cheese. soonishHowever I think I’m absolutely right about Ky being the slowest moving person in history. I don’t think any kid takes 20mins to put on ONE sock! Like….oh…..em….freakin….GEEEEE!! However, I would like to think this is symbolic of how Ky entered into my life: to slow me down.
  6. Lil Ballerina: When I thought about having a little girl, I thought about all the cute little things I could put her in: bows, IMG_6914cute outfits, dance…especially ballet. I didn’t think they started ballet so early but at 2 years old, Ky started and loves it! I love going to her little recitals and seeing how amazing she is in it (almost always steals the show!).
  7. Fashionista: I don’t know what it is about little girls and pants but it is a task in the Wintertime negotiating with Ky to put on pants! I also know that it’s because she prefers to wear dresses. And now that she’s so vocal with her clothing 2D91E952-803F-4FB0-9B3B-FCC4A6C045A6choices, I make it a point to let her choose something when I take her shopping. It’s so interesting to watch her look through the clothing racks and tell me what she likes [that isn’t got damn LOL Surprised dolls based] and wear she would like to wear it.
  8. Fancy: Again I need these friendly reminders that this is my kid sometimes. I’d like to think Ky was like me when I was little. A lot of my family members would say I was like a “little lady”…[wasBut I digress]…just by the way I upheld myself at a young age. I see that in Ky. Almost like she’s been here before. The way she explains things, has a conversation, and act around others…well those that are new to her!
  9. Blessed: Being Ky’s mama has tricked me plenty of times into thinking she should have siblings…eventually. She’s really a dream first kid and makes me look like a star parent [most days…ha!]. I think it’s because God knew I need just a wee bit of help and made it easier on me through this parenting thing. And also partly because she’s just an amazing kid […again, most days].

If she ever reads this–more than likely I will force her to…lol–I hope she see how much I love all the bits a pieces of her.



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