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…[late] mother’s day post

It’s [Quarantined] Mother’s Day!

Well late Quarantined Mother’s Day….We had some technical difficulties…*shrugs*

I wasn’t sure what to write for it…because for me every day is Mother’s Day. Every day that Ky is out here doing kid-like things because [or in spite] of me, is a day my Motherhood is celebrated [or tested–depending on how you look at it].

So I decided to share some photos of my Motherhood Journey…


Pregnancy: Despite the anxiousness and stress that I felt being pregnant, I absolutely loved it! I loved carrying Kylie around and having people try to guess how far long I was (Ha!). Looking back at all the pictures of my growing belly, [ALMOST] makes me want to do it al over again. Plus pregnancy boobs had my confidence BOOMING (padded bra where?!)…so there’s that…


Delivery: And when she got here… I was awestruck. It really didn’t hit me that I had given birth until maybe hours later of just staring at her. It was all so surreal…like that couldn’t have been a thing that I actually did…give birth?! But there she was, skin to skin, attempting to look up to me…in all her swollen cheek glory…


Delivery Room: In the room for the delivery, to cut the cord, and help out during my maternity leave was Ky’s Gigi. Beyond grateful to have her in the room and I’m sure she was happy to enjoy the experience of bringing her first grandchild into the world as well.


Mommy Wins!: So far I have been able to do something for Ky’s birthday every year; whether it’s small and intimate or small and everybody is involved (I refuse to throw anything big until she really asks for it LOL). But just to celebrate her with people she loves and things she loves to do, is definitely a highlight in my Julys. Hopefully I can come up with something just as great during Rona *eye rolls*


Style: Even though it’s been a struggle raising a little girl, I absolutely love that she has her own style! As soon as Ky was able to dress herself, she has always wanted to pick what she wears. Sometimes it’s mostly dresses and skirts; but when those aren’t an option, leggings and a pullover work just as good (HA!)


Ballerina: When I was little, I only ran track and had such a love/hate relationship with it for years. I remember taking an African dance class one time and absolutely LOVED it but never took it again (never really knew why). But I always wished I was involved in other things that fostered my creative side. I’m glad I can introduce that to Ky. Right now she is only able to do dance because of her age but I want to her to pick anything else she seems into…arts, sports, etc. For now I just love being a dance mom!


[Quarantined] Mother’s Day: This Mother’s Day, I let Ky decide what she would like to do (with some direction, of course…NO MORE BARBIE or DISNEY SING ALONG!). She chose our activities and outfits! We wore dresses, had an “indoor picnic” eating steaks, had a dance party while making s’mores, and finished off with facials (all in the mist of her not feeling so great…trooper). A memorable Mother’s Day.

I mean…I guess Motherhood isn’t THAT bad…and she can be cute…

…she still a pain in my butt tho…



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