Single Parent

…finding motivation quarantining

I have been feeling discouraged and not wanting to do anything; teach my child, teach my students, engage in my Christian groups…nothing.

So what does this mama do?

Buy an office!

I know, I know…I should have done something else with my stimulus check, like save it for our future home. But mental health and a peace of mind is important to me; especially during this quarantine.

I was up one night deciding what to do about my aching back–from working in my bed, a backless stool in the kitchen, and a not-so-comfy pile of pillows on the floor–and my motivation to stay productive. I had already invested in my newest hobby–painting– and bought myself a NLT Bible to avoid the distraction of my phone.

No such luck.

I felt myself falling into another hole…and I REFUSE to go there after making  some progress this year. So my cousin put the thought of an office into my head and I went into a searching hole. I didn’t want something ridiculously expensive, of course, but I also wanted to make a space that I was excited to go to.


You all know I’m not one to give advice–because you’re going to do what you want to do anyway–but I will say making a space for yourself is important. I thought that meant just having a room you don’t have to share with your child. Really, it’s just a space to call your own, to be productive, to have peace.

I’ve only had my “at home” office for few a days now and I’ve set it up in my bedroom (thank God I was able to clean it up and make enough space…not knowing I was going to do this) Honestly, it has been the absolute best. I found myself interacting with my families more, really reaching out to them, coming up with more lessons, sneaking in some writing because I have two computers to work on, and joining in on some ZOOM calls with my Christian family.

img_2650On top of that, getting dressed has boosted my motivation. I love dressing up! Makeup! Hair (even though I’m loc’ing right now)! A dress! A solid breakfast with tea! And I am good to go. I felt important–not that I didn’t think I wasn’t, but having nowhere to go brought on my slackness. I had an organized area to get my life together and it was everything I needed. Even Ky has caught on. Wearing her favorite things (dresses and skirts), has boosted her spirits as well.

I say all this to say….do what makes you happy. I think we get so caught in all the “no, I HAVE to do this” that we make ourselves miserable. Just do, embrace the peace it gives you, and you won’t regret it! img_2545

(and if you do, Facebook market and eBay could be your next best friends! **fades into bushes Homer style**)







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