Single Parent

…Gigi’s in town

It has been one marvelous week. I took a day off, drove to school without my kid, had a snow day (and no school), finished 3 seasons of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (which is AMAZING…watch it!), and downed 2 giant bottles of wines.

How, you asked?



Gigi, if you don’t know, is my mom…Cheri as she prefers to be called (even by her kids). Gigi being here means I can ignore my motherly duties without guilt because all Ky wants to do is be under her anyway (and occasionally check in on me to see if I’m alive). It’s really great. And I’m always a little sadden when she leaves…not because I’ll miss her or Ky gets really handsy because she misses her. But because I have to take back my responsibilities again. Do you know how amazing it is to have someone else get Ky ready for school in the morning?! I mean, we’re still late for school, but at least I can focus more on myself and less on what clothes to pick out for her that’s not so triggering!

Seriously, what is up with little girls and jeans?!?!

And Ky’s hair! I am all for braids, twists, extensions…but Ky drives me freakin nuts doing her hair! I almost always give up and let her go to school on her slept on 4c hair (with a bow!) that I’m too annoyed to pic out.

Yeah, yeah…I’ll do better when she’s not so aggravating.

In the Winter, all I want to do is go to sleep, eat obscene amounts of junk, and drink a modest to obscene amount of wine. My little person, however, really wants to keep me up to date on what her dolls are doing….and apparently they do ENTIRELY too much! And she always wants me to be their damn hairstylist!

Another thing I get to do in peace, is worship…hang out with this Christian group I’m apart of without Ky making noise or–in my eyes/mind–being obnoxious. I get to pay attention, soak in all the knowledge/conversation. Actually remember the notes I’m taking. It’s definitely difficult when Ky is whispering how much she’s starving but only wants to eat chips and fruit snacks.

To get that break once in a while, is quite a dream…like I get time to rejuvenate my motherhood-ness. When we go on “vacation” to FL, I don’t really get that. I’m still in mommy mode then. I still have to keep her busy on something besides the ipad or my phone. But when Gigi comes here and Ky is among her things, I’m just the lady who has locked herself in her dark room with a bunch of snacks.

It. is. love.

But now we’re reaching the end. She leaves tonight. She leaves me to the very much spoiled grandchild that is an absolute pain for the next two weeks. Who will only want to sleep in my bed because of all the “scary” things she’s watched with Gigi”. And who will throw a tantrum left and right because Gigi “doesn’t like to see her cry”.

It will be an absolute PAIN getting back into the swing of things….

….oh, but the week was well worth it!



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