Single Parent

….being held accountable

My Ky has been on it these days by holding me accountable as her mama.

One thing she’s been adamant about is me listening to her (I know, I know…I should be listening to my child when she speaks to me).

BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO LISTEN TO CHILDREN ALLLLLLL FREAKIN DAY?!?! They tell THE most longest, drawn out stories and it takes them FOREVER to spit it out!! So imagine dealing with it all day with 18 students and then coming home to it.

Ya girl is tired!!

So when Ky wants to tell me everything that has happened in her day, and who wasn’t listening, and who got in trouble, and who hurt her feelings, and who has a daddy in jail…ya know, alllll the things…I just had to come up with some system to help me gain my sanity.

Mommy Time

Ky. Talks. So. Freaking. Much.

Like from the time she opens her eyes until the time she’s in a DEEP sleep, this girl talks about EVERY- and ANYTHING. It’s absolutely exhausting and most days I find myself being absolutely rude to her about it. Of course there’s no justified reason to be that way–although I think I have 20 pretty good ones.

We’ve started this thing where I let her know that I need amount of minutes of quiet or to stay in my room for “mommy time” or to give me one song length of no talking. It’s been helpful to my sanity. And I think it has been helpful for her too. So far it’s given me time to just think, sing anything with a cuss word (because….Kindergarten), or just to prepare my mind for mommy mode. There’s been so many times I’ve called Ky “friend” in the middle of our conversations and she has to politely remind me that she’s my child.


Ky has really gotten a kick out of correcting every- and anyone these days.

She didn’t say excuse me.

He didn’t say sorry.

You’re supposed to say ‘Thank you, mommy’

My teacher didn’t use the right words today.

Ugh! You’re supposed to say “Welcome!”

blank state.gif Gurl….

It’s great she understands manners…and shows it….and wants others to show it. But…. J E S U S. I haven’t quite figured out the polite way of telling her to “shut it” yet…but I’m working on it.

Thanking You to Death

Can I have a cookie? Thank you.

Can I take a bath? Thank you.

Can I play in my room? Thank you.

Can I write tomorrow? Thank you.

Can I throw this away? Thank you.

Can I wear a jumper dress? Thank you.

Can we make cookies one day? Thank you.

Can I watch something on the iPad? Thank you.

Can I change my clothes? Thank you.

Can I have a cheese stick? Yay! Thank you.

I know it doesn’t seem annoying. And it’s probably really cute. But this is only a 15sec snippet of a series of questions she asks me throughout the day. I have no idea where she gets it from and she always ends it by correcting me: “You’re supposed to say you’re welcome, mommy!”


We’re just “You’re welcome”-ing and “Thank”-ing each other to death. My way of handling this is just simply saying “I’ve already said that.” and hope she doesn’t have some snarky remark, overly polite response.


When I was first teaching Ky manners, I just thought it was cute how she would tried to form the words and see her mind work as she tried to apply it. Now I’m thinking what in the world have I created?!



I know this is something I should be excited and proud of…but, bruh….ya gurl has had enough.

How do I minimize this, Lord?!

And please make note that I said minimize and not eliminate!



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