Single Parent

…loving weirdly

The personality that Ky has is just…SO….MUCH!! I find it so hard to not to burst out laughing at all her antics when I’m trying to be serious!

There are little things she does that have me wonder….Seriously, who birthed you?!:

  1. Recognizing when my kid is “going” on the toilet: Ky has made the same face from the time she was 4mos til now when she has to poop and I find it hilarious–…until I realize I have to wipe her butt *gross*
  2. Mini me: It’s so true what people say about kids being a reflection of you. I’ve never been so annoyed and amused at the same time about how much Ky talks with her hands LOL! But if she claps her hands and rolls her neck when fussin me out, SHE *claps* GONNA *claps* CATCH *claps* THESE *claps* HANDS *claps*
  3. Figuring out who’s the grown up: Earlier this week I had called Ky into the bathroom while I was showering and it went a little something like this

Ky: What now mommy?? **exaggerated hands**

Me: It was quiet and I just wanted to know what you were doing?

Ky: I’m just watching my shows!

Me: Ok. Do you know what you want for dinner?

Ky: I was the spaghetti and cucumbers!

Me: Ok. Well go back to your show now.

Ky: **proceeds to walk out & walks back in** You didn’t need something??

Me: No…

Ky:  You have your rag & towel?

First off, who is this kid! LMAO! I’m the grown up–who occasionally forgets her towel and wash rag and may send her child to fetch it from the closet. But I’m the grown up! Don’t act like you know me! **Update: She just came into my room and asked if she could turn my light off and kissed me goodnight after.** What is happening here?!

mind blown

4. Ky. Has. Been. Here. Before: The way Ky talks to me is just weird. Like I know people tell me all the time she’s not your typical 4 year old, but maybe she isn’t! I never have my students, let alone most grown ass adults ask me about my day. But Ky, after she tells me all about the craziness her friends do, she asks about my day and what my little friends, partner, and I have done today. AND she listens! AND responds!

5. Lights Out: The most ANNOYING, AGGRAVATING thing Ky does is rub my belly or back or plays with my belly button. Ever since she was a baby, I’m called her a little weirdo about (and she embraces! LOL). It’s so uncomfortable and I hate my fatty parts being highlighted by feeling them spew out between her little fingers! Ugh! It’s so uncomfortable! I don’t even let a guy…um…yeah….never mind….you get my point. But it’s also weirdly cute because I know that all she wants to do is be close to me and feel me there when she goes to sleep. “I wanna feel your belly up!” she says right before popping that wrinkly finger in her mouth [Gross….when does it end?!]. Most days my response is “Ugh! Noooo! Feel your own belly up!” But then, those days where I’ve kinda miss her–ya know between the hour and a half I’ve been ignoring her and have severe mommy guilty–I give her a nice little “C’mon, ya little weirdo!”…


…..Then I kick her out 10 minutes later for me severely irritating and moving too damn much…

They always gotta ruin things. Damn!







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