Single Parent

…love letter to my 30s (late post)

As you can see I’m trying to get all of these drafts out (because they just can’t live there in 2020!)



Dear Ash,


We’re officially 30! (Don’t panic! Especially since you saw Grey Hair Larry’s cousin yesterday morning)…

Our 30s will be EVERYTHING we hoped our 20s would be.



Our 20s showed us how little we valued, respected, knew about ourselves. And because of it, you will be that much more wiser.

In our 20s, we learned that asking for help is not weakness; it builds an army of support and love.

We learned that long limbs, a big forehead, a postpartum body, “nappy” hair, and other body image issues we deemed “ugly” are the very things that make you beautiful.

We learned that perm hair life was not it….but this natural one might not be the move for us either (but hang in there!)

We learned that even with loving the not-so-right-person strong and hard and subjecting ourselves to hurt, you can still find comfort in the fact that you will always get back up and love again.

We learned that while this parenting thing is hard and has been a struggle, you are doing an amazing job (own it!).

We learned the one important order of life: wine > beer > liquor

We learned that even though you say how much you don’t like teaching, heffa you KNOW you’re the bomb at it!

We learned that even with him not being here, your dad’s presence continues to live within you. You are always apart of him.

We learned that relationships are more than the “boys” you “date”. They are the connections you build with all those around you. Continue to spread joy; invite peace; and embrace love.

We learned that even though we aren’t where we think we should be, there is no limit to God’s ultimate perfect timing.

We learned the love of God, despite anything we could deem shameful…He has you like no other.

There are so many things that our 20s has show and I can’t want to see what God blesses us with in our 30s !



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