Single Mom

…dreading ‘vacations’

Hey folks!

So it’s the holiday season. Which means one thing for us….











I absolutely hate traveling. Like traveling is exhausting. Being around family is exhausting. But being in a non-kid friendly environment with Ky is THE absolute worse.

I mean I try to do the whole bring toys and activities things until payday so I can get her a few more things to keep busy. I bring papers, markers, pencils, coloring books, books to read, kid games, bubbles, iPad (because…son…)… But then she becomes even more annoying. Well, let me give her some credit. She’s less annoying than when she was 1,2 years old. At least for the most part she keeps herself busy (until the paper runs out or one of the devices dies).

Tired Housewife Cleanning House With ChildrenWhat sucks are all those promises from family to watch the kids because then I’m thinking of all the sleep I can have or work I could catch up on or reading I could attempt to do. And now here I am doing the same things I do at home: keeping her busy and tired out until bedtime. Which makes “vacationing” not all that enjoyable.

Oh and let’s not forget all the unsolicited advice about raising my kid or how I was as a kid and deserve all the terror I’m getting from Ky.

Yea, that’s not fun for me either, fam.

I just want to forget my kid and hide in a corner with fountains of alcohol and endless supplies of pillows and throws.

That’s a vacation.

But no. Right now I’m hiding in my shared room with my fellow mommy-cousin; while we both struggle with peace from/with our little people.

I’m. Ready. Ta. Go.

And so is Ky…

Because she’s told me…

For the umpteenth time…

In the last two days we’ve been here…

And we still have another week to go….

*face palm*


send help.





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