Single Parent

…fashionista Ky

Hey folks!

I told myself I was going to give Ky a bit of freedom when it comes to what she wants to wear; especially now that the weather is starting to warm up. I noticed she would be frustrated because she looooooves wearing dresses….but dude, not in 30 degree weather!

So for the past couple of weeks I tell her what the weather is like outside, give her some suggestions (ex: it’s a little cold this morning. Maybe you should wear so leggins with your dress. /or/ Don’t forget to put some shorts under your dress!), and then let her choose!

Here’s what she came up with:


img_4849 Even though she hates pants, it was chilly this day…she looooooves her some pink kitty boots, a cap, and her “glasses from Wendy’s!







Now these Doc McStuffins leggins were supposed to be a “home” thing (being that she has a-whole-lot of booty and these are see-through-ish). But the ballerina bunny top and cardigan she had on earlier did the job. img_4818



Oh and let’s not forget her bows…your girl loves her a good bow!






Patterns and carefree about itimg_4787









Giving us shades of pink and purple realness! (sidenote: Her shirt was backwards that morning, and I fixed it…only to pick her up later and she had turn it around again *insert eye roll*)










Noticing a pattern??






Minus not completely loving this rain poncho, very patriotic, don’t ya think? #Stars&Stripes






So what I’ve learned in this little experiment is:

  • She loves dresses!
  • Leggins are her go-tos
  • The kid is about her accessories
  • and I sure do buy A LOT of patterns!


Would/Will I continue this experiment?

HELL YEAH! The amount of time it’s given me to get myself together and dealing with A LOT less tears in the morning! But I think just giving her a bit of responsibility when it comes to choosing what she want to wear gives her a sense of expressing herself. And I don’t want to take that away from her…

…But when she starts going to school and has to wear uniform…that’ll be a-whole-nother story…




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