Single Parent

…potty training! (then & now)

Hey folks,

So I’m bringing you guys another “then & now” post [I started and never finished, ha!] about potty training!



Yall this potty training is for the birds!

Folks tell you that once your child starts showing the signs of potty training (i.e. wants to go to the bathroom when you want to go, is dry during sleep times) that you should go ahead and do it. But what they DON’T tell you is that you will have to be training your damn self too.

So Ky and I started training a little before her 2nd birthday. She would sit on her potty while I went as well. She didn’t start really going in it until maybe a few months after.

Great. Awesome. Fantastic! It’s working!

Well at her daycare, they didn’t have small potties. They had toilets; grown ass, have-to-jump-down from, toilets.

Fine. Cool. Whatever. I can work with that.

Well guess who didn’t want to use her potty anymore? Right…

Cool cool cool cool cool cool…

Well now I’m being told maybe I need to send her every hour to use the bathroom and just sit her there for awhile and she’ll learn to go. So I start setting alarms because….how else am I supposed to keep up with that??


Well now she goes on her own.

*Cue Tiger Woods celebratory fist shake* celebatory fist

Like the proud momma I am, I’m glowing at the fact my 2.5 year old uses the bathroom on her own and doesn’t pee the bed or anything. When I say I threw ALL the pull-ups away…! (That pull-up/diaper money is as much of the devil as those daycare fees are). We bought ALL the big girl panties for her! It was coming to a point I didn’t even need to tell her anymore. She just went!

*So proud*


My kid just pissed herself…again…for like the 3rd time today because she’s so busy…playing and destroying my apartment. 

What people don’t tell you is that your kid will regress. All kids do (don’t let any boasting-ass mama tell you different!). 

What happened to the kid that liked going to the potty so much that I had to take her to the doctor because I thought she had a UTI? Now, she’s so “busy” that the last thing she wants to do is pee…..even when she’s CLEARLY doing the dance! Oh! And the tantrums she throws because I pull her away and force her to go! I never thought I would have full out arguments with a 3 year old, but…son…she. be. tryin. me.arguing

Another thing I wish more mamas warned me about…and this is mainly to those single mamas or trying to save where you can mamas…is getting a place with a second bathroom! I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop in mid-stream because Ky “reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally had to go” and the pee-pee jig was so intense….EVEN when I asked before getting comfortable. The struggle of having this ONE bathroom is getting to me! I can’t sit, relax, and scroll the shaderoom like I want to. I’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal close to just giving in and looking for a new place we both can have our own bathrooms, just to make Ky’s life easier.

But I say all this to say…potty training is trash.

Excuse me…I have to go now. Ky is telling me about this big poop she just made and wants me to watch her flush it to its family…



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