Single Parent

…relief is that you??

YALL….I think I’m almost out of the woods with these terrifying threes. I don’t know who lied and said twos were the worst of it…because THREE has been a GOT damn nightmare.


You know how I said Ky’s screams and cries are like nails on a chalkboard? Well think of that…but your arms are chopped off so you can’t cover your ears, your legs are chopped off so you can’t run, you have some condition where all sounds are amplified, and you’re on fire just because.


That’s every day with a three year old.


Everyday was just s o m e t h i n g.


-She would pee on herself because….why not (even though by 2yo, she was pretty much potty trained).

-Every task warranted a battle cry of frustration because toddler fingers couldn’t do what mommy fingers could

-The amount of tears for the word “no” (because who wants to hear “no” about wearing your sandals in 30 degree weather??)

– F u c k i n chicken nuggets (are the devil). What is up with the obsession?!

-The tantrums thrown (and rooms trashed) because of “bedtime”, the iPad dying, bathtime/washing her hair, and 

Most days I find myself hiding in my room, jumping every time I think she’s getting out of her room, waiting to get in my bed and rub her cold stankin claws on my body *shudders* fear

Others days, I’m like “you’re so stinkin cute!….Who’s your mother?”


But the day is coming…it’s slowly approaching. The day of independence!



Ky is becoming more and more independent and is doing better with verbalizing it–instead of her usual dramatic antics! My favorite saying from her these days is “No thanks!” followed by her waving frantically as a sign to tell you she gots this. Do you know the extra 5mins that grants me in life?!!? Like YES dress yourself while I make my lunch, brush my teeth and fix you breakfast!…..But that also means she’s going to try to wear leggings, t-shirt, her favorite hoodie, and sneakers two sizes too small in sub 0 weather.

Another thing I’m teaching her is to express how she feels. Ky was good for biting a doll’s fingers off and chucking it across the room if it didn’t sit in the chair long enough! Now we say “I’m frustrated! I  need help.” And when I tell you the wonders and peace those simple words have brought me….! She’s even getting me to say it! (seriously, why are car seats so GOT damn hard to install?!)



Dear God,

Send me a man who asks me about my day like my three year old!

Most days, Ky is a chatterbox; talking about a million and one things her friends did (or didn’t do) in her class I have to pretend to know what/who she’s even talking about! And in the midst of her chattering, she’ll pause and ask “how was your day, mommy?” AND will actually listen, responding with something I said (i.e. You went to the park with your friends?! We didn’t have pizza like you did, mommy, You had another meeting?). We talked about a bunch of things: how we would handle certain situations, our favorite things, what we like to do at certain places…if balloons could talk, what would they say about us…ya know…”normal” things.

Again, Lord…the conversationalist grown male version of my the three year old, thanks!


sleeping (1)Extra Winks

Raise your hand if you wish you could sleep in more?

Well this mama is!

When I’m not working my 3 jobs, I sneak in an extra hour of sleep in a few ways:

  1. Send Ky to bed late in hopes she’ll be too tired to get up or the power of my snuggles gets her right back to sleep!
  2. Give her the iPad. Don’t yall mommy shame me!!! The power of Hotel Transylvania, Incredibles, Barbie, and the likes is saving me! I stan!
  3. T.O.P’s christmas gift in the form of a dollhouse castle: She has been playing with it for hours and for that I’m so grateful.

Since Ky’s bedroom is located right across from my room, I still have ears on her…because who falls into a deep sleep when they become a parent?! Ha! But with my eyes close and my eyes wide open, I’ve been a little bit more at ease.


I see the light at the end of the tunnel…


….even if it is 115 days, 23 hours, 29 minutes and 32 seconds away…



3 thoughts on “…relief is that you??”

  1. Imagine having a four year old asking the same question over and over again. If i say no to everything he says im hurting his feelings then i feel guilty for .5 seconds but then im like wait hes not gonna get me.


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