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….We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Happy New Year!! (I can still say that right?)


beat down

We’ve been M.I.A. because life caught up and gave me a major beat down, but I’m good!

Soooo much and sooo little has happened and I can’t wait to catch up with you all! Ky has been a beautiful terror for the past 6, 7 months and Larry– my first gray strand– has gained 6 more cousins. BUT, I haven’t ended up in jail on this whole parenting thing…so…WIN!

Quick Summary of the last 6 months:


Ky is still taking dance, at the same daycare [*INSERT MAJOR DRAMATIC SIGH*], still dramatic [*Still in search for her actual mother*], still loving “Hallelujah” (our church) and has developed a better relationship with T.O.P [I KNOOOOOOOOOOW!!].

Again, yall, we. will. talk.

I will ask for your prayers for us. Because in about 6 months, we’ll find out if THIS mama doesn’t have to pay anymore daycare fees! Oh the shoes and wine I can buy!


I have been managing. Still teaching. Still working like my Caribbean ancestors with my other 2 jobs. Still on dating apps, getting fed up with them, deleting them, and adding them back 2 weeks later (what can I say? I like to try out my mad skills).  Still drinking wine like its my favorite Gatorade. Still managing my depression. And trying to co-parent better with T.O.P (again, I KNOOOOOOOOW!)

Even thought we’re still doing the same ole, same ole, we definitely have so much to catch up on!

Stay tune…..every Thursday….well almost….




30. Single Mom. Teacher. Procrastinator. Lazy Maid. Personal Preschooler Cook. Born & Raised in NY. Existing Somewhere in NC.

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