Single Parent

….We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Happy New Year!! (I can still say that right?)


beat down

We’ve been M.I.A. because life caught up and gave me a major beat down, but I’m good!

Soooo much and sooo little has happened and I can’t wait to catch up with you all! Ky has been a beautiful terror for the past 6, 7 months and Larry– my first gray strand– has gained 6 more cousins. BUT, I haven’t ended up in jail on this whole parenting thing…so…WIN!

Quick Summary of the last 6 months:


Ky is still taking dance, at the same daycare [*INSERT MAJOR DRAMATIC SIGH*], still dramatic [*Still in search for her actual mother*], still loving “Hallelujah” (our church) and has developed a better relationship with T.O.P [I KNOOOOOOOOOOW!!].

Again, yall, we. will. talk.

I will ask for your prayers for us. Because in about 6 months, we’ll find out if THIS mama doesn’t have to pay anymore daycare fees! Oh the shoes and wine I can buy!


I have been managing. Still teaching. Still working like my Caribbean ancestors with my other 2 jobs. Still on dating apps, getting fed up with them, deleting them, and adding them back 2 weeks later (what can I say? I like to try out my mad skills).  Still drinking wine like its my favorite Gatorade. Still managing my depression. And trying to co-parent better with T.O.P (again, I KNOOOOOOOOW!)

Even thought we’re still doing the same ole, same ole, we definitely have so much to catch up on!

Stay tune…..every Thursday….well almost….



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