Single Parent

…finding a hobby

Hey folks!

Have you ever found yourself dreading this question: “So what do you like to do for fun?”


Just me?


I’ve had THE most difficult time attempting to answer that question. My answer is always different!

Like I legit don’t know anymore. I tried to go in my memories and see what it is that I actually do often. I mean before Ky it was just partying, drinking, sleeping, hanging out with my friends…but now, sleeping (I guess I’m consistent with that one), watching animated kid shows/movies, and drinking wine while trolling social media pages (which I do consider my actual hobby out of the three).

Sad, isn’t it? I think I’ve lost who I am in this motherhood thing…or worse yet, I never really knew who I was. I think I get so caught up in Ky and work, that I don’t feel like there really is time to think about me and things that keep me sane/grounded. And even when I do try to do something, it’s never really consistent.

I can tell you all of Ky’s hobbies: dance, playing with her friends, anything Doc McStuffins and Boss Baby, drawing/writing, collecting rocks, and playing in her kitchen.

Mommy’s hobbies: uh….

That’s exactly what it looks like on my dating profile apps; question marks or an “uh…”.

So I had enough! I told myself I needed to figure out what the hell it is I like to do so I can answer that question confidently, dammit!

Now I’m up to 2 totally different things I enjoy doing: Zumba and Bullet Journaling.


I have a gym membership at LA Fitness and I loooooooove it there. I’m not a hard hitting fitness buff, but I do enjoy the classes. I absolutely love the ONLY Zumba instructor I feel like is worth going to. I feel like I get a real workout in and I’m not just two stepping with my grandpa. I’m sweating, breathing hard, guzzling down water, stripping mid-way, and I’m absolutely saddened once it’s all over! That’s a class worth going to!

And I found that once I started going to this Zumba class every Monday and Tuesday, I was ready to go home and just work! Work being chasing my kid around, while cooking, cleaning, and getting our things ready for the next day. I had soooo much energy compared to the other days in which I do nothing. I know I know, how counterproductive. But life hits me hard after Tuesdays, ok!

But even though I only go twice a week, I call this my hobby because I enjoy doing it and it eliminates so much stress I feel throughout the day.

Bullet Journaling

If you were like me when you saw this, you said “what the hell is that?!”

But I did what any modern, technology savvy person would do: Googled it. And what I found out was amazing!

So my interpretation of Bullet Journaling is a creative way to keep organized, document, keep track of, etc. It can mean whatever you want it to at any point of your life.

For me, Bullet Journaling is setting goals, keeping track, while exploring my creative side.

I found this way of journaling to be a creative way to document my moods throughout 2018 because I do battle with a bit of depression. I thought this would help whenever I found someone compatible for me to talk to about it. I would have never thought to do this if it wasn’t for Bullet Journaling (and FB groups and Pinterest!). All the lettering, sketches, etc. I got as inspiration from others and just played around how I liked. Who would have thought this would be enjoyable for me? I can’t wait until nap time or when Ky goes to bed to get a bit of Journaling in! It’s been relaxing and I’ve been very proud of what I’m able to put together.

I say all this to say, us moms need a healthy outlet and it’s not selfish if it doesn’t involve our kids. We do sooooo much and these little humans are becoming their own person. Don’t forget you can still be your own person, have your own interests outside of your family and kids.

Nurture yourself.


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