…making do

Ashley, why won’t you ever get Ky a dog?

It was a windy Sunday morning and Ky and I had to wake up to head to church.

I accidentally signed up to do children’s church and now I’m being held hostage…but I digress…

And in true “us” form, we were running late. So I put Ky on the potty like I usually do every morning – which she’s doing incredible in *proud momma boast* – and hopped in the shower. I had to be in there for at least 10 mins while she sat on her potty and stalked the shower curtains every now and then.

When I got out, I wiped Ky down and we went to her room to get her pull-ups and clothes.

All of .03456secs…

And then it happened.

A grunt.

And then a *thud*

And the a *ploop*

And several wet splashing sounds after…

All escaping from my lovely little person’s ass…

And on to the rug.

And she was trying to step in it, touch it…maybe even try to eat it….

All within the .013456secs I reacted in snatching her little tail up.

I took her to the bathroom. It was on her hands, feet, back of her legs…

I’ve never felt so defeated.

But you want to know the real MVP here?

Baby wipes.

Picture this happening and all you have in the bathroom is your “good towels” and nothing else. And then that magical moment when you remember you put on your Mom hat the night before and thought it would be nice to have baby wipes in every room so you did t have to carrying just one to every room.

Thank you off-brand Baby wipes. You saved us.

But to answer the original question, because dogs poop.


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