…spending time

Hey folks!

So here in NC, we have been snowed in for the weekend and the next two days (Yippee! Because my lesson plans weren’t done anyway! Ha!)

But that also means Ky and I have been inside…ALL….FLIPPIN…DAY.

“Why don’t you take her out in the snow??” you say?

  1. She gave me this look…


And 2. I hate the snow. That’s why I left NY!

But it was my ‘mommy goal’ to spend more time with her and do some activities together. Well I wanted to share with you a list that I came up with so far of things I wanted to do with Ky…eventually.

  • finger painting (because what mom doesn’t want to torture herself with cleaning up additional messes!)
  • make play-doh
  • turning shoes into “tap shoes” (I thought this would be a cute experiment to see what she does with quarters taped to the bottom of her shoes!)
  • playing with puppets/finger puppets
  • playing with stickers (I caught a glimpse of what that may look like today and I have a feeling it’ll be hilarious)
  • trip to the park, museum, library, aquarium, etc.
  • bike riding (whenever I go back to my friend’s to get it)
  • collecting (get a bucket and fill it with rocks, leaves, sticks, etc.)
  • classes (swimming, gymnastics, etc.)
  • pushing her stroller or taking a walk on the trail
  • chalk drawing
  • sensory play (flour, – yea, I know – pasta, ice cubes, etc.)
  • blowing bubbles

Pretty good list, huh? I know *pats self on back* I’m pretty excited about it; especially the classes. Tax returns can’t come back fast enough! Lol!

I think she’ll really enjoy collecting whatever we find outside because she does it anyway. I just never have anything already in hand to collect them. But she goes for these things that look like berries, but I know they’re not and I don’t really care to identify whatever they are. As long as she’s not allergic and I can get to her hand quick enough so that she doesn’t eat it….we’re good!

I’m sure she won’t mind whatever we do, as long as she’s spending time with me 😀 That’s all I really want anyway; to have that mommy/daughter bond…ya know, before she becomes a teenager and I’m “always ruining her life”. I’m already dreading it!

But with all the things I plan to do, nothing could be better than what we’ve been doing all weekend:

Eating, drinking water/juice from wine glasses, tickling and jumping on each other, laughing, painting her toes and clapping after the dance performances on Dance Moms.


The simple life.



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