…saying ‘no’ to holiday traveling

Hey folks!

Happy Holidays!

That great time of year where everyone travels to see loved ones and dread sitting next to the family with the baby/toddler screaming their heads off the entire ride there. Ahhh!

Well here’s my early gift to you wonderful people traveling: Ky and I are keeping our butts home in good ole NC!

Yup! No traveling for us. I did it last year…by myself…and it was hard. Like annoyingly hard. Although Ky was about 5, 6mos old and was an extremely good baby – so I’m told…repeatedly – lugging around an infant and our bags was no fun. Sure, we had help getting to the airport and people took pity on us during our journey, but besides that #strugglecentral.

I tried my best to do the whole “bring only what you need” thing. Me, I didn’t really need that much. A book, my wallet, phone, headphones, toiletries, or what-have-you and I’m fine. HOWEVER, my newly-started-on-solid-foods baby needed so much more. Of course diapers, wipes, food, toys (because she was teething), baby carrier (because who was toting her stroller ANYWHERE?? Not this mama!), blankets, bibs, extra clothes…and so on….and so on…It’s just all too much. Thank God for breastfeeding back then though!

But this year, Ky is a toddler. A 28lb, moving, get up and go, don’t you dare put in a stroller, snacks every other minute, everyone is interesting so she needs to be in their face, tantrum throwing, “naaaaaah” screaming, sit down for what…toddler. I can only imagine what kind of traveling hell that would look like. Actually, I’ve seem glimpses of it during my traveling adventures. God bless you, you brave mamas.

I’ll pass.

Sure our families will be a little disappointed in not seeing us for the holidays. I’m a little sad about it too. These are the times where I can drop my kid with whoever and sleep and party without mommy guilt. All I did last year was drop Ky in people’s laps and lock myself in a room to sleep or people would just kidnap her while I slept.

It. was. Heaven.

Up until all the mothers in my family decided to weigh in on my parenting skills:

-don’t put lotion on her face like that, or her face will drag
-don’t feed her like that, you’ll mess up her stomach
-she needs to eat more that cereal stuff! (even though I had JUST started her on cereal)
-stop brushing and combing her hair, she’ll end up bald
-you need to give her a bath every night, or she won’t sleep
-she doesn’t need to wear clothes
-she needs a bib
-she needs to wear socks or shoes or her knees will be bad

Yea, no…again, I shall pass!

I don’t know if I will ever do the traveling thing with Ky anytime soon. I mean, I know it may not be that much of a pain but just the thought of it gives me anxiety. Bags, toddler, time, rushing, airport diaper changes, baby hungry kidnappers…all with coats on! Ugh! Maybe it’s really my disgust with the Winter weather in general that makes it all so discouraging. Whatever it is, I rather not travel until I’m over it (and Ky can carry her own stuff!)

Hopefully our family understands and maybe they will consider visiting us instead…

….Scratch that. PLEASE. STAY. WHERE. YOU. ARE!

But anyway, thank God we are able to spend time with our families away from home this holiday season. And don’t have to travel too far (Ky barely made it through the 1hr+ ride to Raleigh as is..smh).

But anywho, be safe this holiday season fellow mamas…and may the traveling odds forever be in your favor!



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