…treasuring moments

Hey folks!

I know I come on here and sulk about my life choices and vent about slashing the tires of the people who work my nerves (disclaimer: kidding) but really motherhood is not that bad.

I enjoy the heck out of nap time and bedtime.

Like that is E V E R Y T H I N G!

I get to watch my shows in peace. I’m not stepping on toys taken into my room, living room, hallway, kitchen, or bathroom. Drink red wine and not have to worry about it spilling on anything. I don’t have to share my snacks. WHAT?! YES! I get to write and pretend to catch up on work! All of that! Sleep on, Ky! Sleep. On.


Oh and Ky’s enjoyable too, I guess : )

I find – and I’m sure most parents do – my child to be so fascinating. Like this little, split human version of me, does stuff…and is cute and stuff…and finds ways to just, ya know, do stuff.

Just fascinating!

So here are my top 5 “Ky Mannerisms” that I just get a kick out of:

IMG_0999.jpg5) Ky loves waving to animals she hates and is afraid of – There are these two dogs in the houses next to us that bark up a storm and she just randomly waves in that direction anytime I take her out of the car. And says “hey” real soft like. Like a – “hey, I acknowledge you and your animal-like presence, but please don’t come near me our I’ll hold on to my mother for dear life, thanks” – kind of ‘hey’.BUT, let her be near a big dog (other than her new found love for a doggie named Lexie) and she will scream bloody murder and look at you like why did you cause her such great pain (the same face she gave me when she rolled off the bed and on to wood flooring that one time…but I digress). Like I don’t get it. However, I do appreciate her dislike for animals (Hooray for one less mouth to feed!). Atta girl!

4) Morning Heys: Ky loves getting up at 7am…on weekends…after she woke me up at 2/3am…when I worked both jobs…just to say ‘hey’. How long do you think it took before this mama put her in the pack n play to steal 30 more minutes of sleep? I’ll give you the answer to that one! 0.019 seconds! But it does warm my heart to see that little face looking at me, waiting for my eyes to open, just to give me a great big smile and a sweet “Hey”. Prefect way to start the day.

3) Yelling…so much yelling: Now if you remember from my previous posts, we used to live with a friend of mine and her little boy. Well he was L O U D…just so loud. And I guess Ky picked up on that. Well her favorite thing to do at our new place is this warrior cry-sounding yell. I guess it’s because we hardly have anything in the place and the echo sounds great to her. But I can’t help but to go along with it. Like how many times a day do you want to yell and get to?! My neighbors will hate me, but OH WELL!

2) Self-Banishment: So ever so often, my sweet girl will work my nerves and I just don’t want to deal with it. Well – like most toddlers – she hates the word ‘No’. Like she will look at you like YOU hurt her little feelings. When mommy does it, Ky will let out this heart-wrenching (what others see as heart wrenching, but I just find funny) cry and just walk away to her room and close the door. Like SHE’S the one that needs a minute to process. Really?! It’s hilarious. If I didn’t have to pay to put videos on here I would so post one! (But hey! You can view it on my mommy instagram page – @beingamommeans – *Shameless plug*).

I know, I know…who the hell gave me a child?!

1) Thank yous: If there is anything I want Ky to be in this world full of hatred, is to be kind; have manners. I know she’s only 15mos and not much of the world she understands, but I try my best to instill that in her because it’s important to me. I never thought I would be considered a kind person, until a friend told me that’s what he admired most about me; that I always treated people well. My first step with Ky towards being kind is to just say “thank you”. We practiced the word quite a bit when she was about 10mos old or so and she said that just because I prompted her too. And I never really thought about it again; even though I model it when she gives me her toys. A few weeks ago, I gave her a quick snack just to keep her busy while I tried to get dinner started. You know kind of rushing her along so she wouldn’t be attached to my leg while I cooked. And out of nowhere, she sang those wonderful words: “thank. you.” and went about her merry way like it was just a natural thing to do.

My girl.


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