….putting baby in a corner

Hi Folks!

Hey, Ashley…How do you get things done when Ky’s around?

Great question Ashley!

I don’t.

Nothing. Gets. Done. E V E R.

I have approximately 2 (maaaaybe 2 1/2) hours to get anything started knowing that it will more than likely never be finished. And those hours work only on the weekends.

It’s hard to pick what’s important when your toddler doesn’t believe in taking multiple naps as she once did as an infant *tears* But you deal and do what you can….even if that means you won’t finish for another 3mos…(my poor lesson plans!).

So here’s a snipet of our world.

This is what cooking is like:

This is what doing school work is like:

This is what shopping is like:

This is what folding and putting away laundry is like:


(Yes, those are my clean panties…)

This is what waiting on late friends are like:


And this is what just relaxing looks like:


So no, nothing gets done. BUT when I’m really in a pickle…


Pack n Play it is. I can toss her in there sometimes but she’s getting a bit taller these days.

Hopefully she doesn’t learn how to get out of it. I think I’m safe for now.

UPDATE: I. am. not. safe. She learned to climb at school today -_-


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